Gov. Kasich Calls for Balanced Budget Amendment

Governor Kasich recently asked the Ohio Legislature to pass a resolution calling for a federal constitutional convention that would approve a balanced budget amendment. Here’s a short video message:

We’ve also created a petition for people to sign, standing with Governor Kasich on this issue. Please take a moment to sign it and help us spread the word! Get started here.

Like virtually every other state, Ohio is required by law to balance our state budget, thereby requiring accountability for your taxpayer dollars. It’s about time the federal government did the same. By signing this petition supporting a federal balanced budget amendment, you’re helping send a message to our leaders in Washington DC that your tax dollars must be spent responsibly, and that helps all of Ohio.


While in Congress in the 1990’s, John Kasich led the last successful effort to balance the federal budget and it marked the last point in American history when the U.S. Government had a surplus.


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3 Responses to Gov. Kasich Calls for Balanced Budget Amendment

  1. d August 23, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    i am sorry john kasich i thought you was one of the bad apples in congress but i now know your trying your best to improve ohio thanks and never give up and go bucks.

  2. Robert Rohlfing October 5, 2013 at 8:31 am #

    Governor, unfortunately Congress is not capable of starting an amendment like this. Ohio should lead the way by calling for a Constitutional Convention to address this and other possible constitutional amendments that would work toward fixing our federal government. The Constitution can be amended through a convention called by 2/3 of the states. It’s time to use this important part of the constitution. A balanced budget, congressional term limits, application of federal laws to Congress, elimination of pensions and other excessive benefits for Congress, and other issues that Congress will never act on could be addressed in a constitutional convention. Our founders were brilliant to foresee a situation like we are in now.

  3. David Fallang, MD October 24, 2013 at 10:49 am #

    So I get an email from you today asking for your support. Just a couple of years ago I shook your hand at Dick Alderson’s house down in Westchester and donated. But now you come out in favor of a massive increase in Ohio’s Medicaid obligation. Oh, oh, but the money isn’t paid by Ohioans, it comes from WASHINGTON! But now you want a “Balanced Budged” amendment? Gimme a break!

    First, we don’t need an amendment, all we need to do is have the House refuse to raise the debt limit and … Presto! An instant balanced budget and you don’t even need to add water! An orderly reduction would, of course, be preferable, but with you and your loony progressive friends running things that’s never going to happen.

    Second, what do you think your Medicaid expansion is going to do to the budget deficit in Washington (or the budget in OHIO two years from now)? Don’t you know that money is fungible. What’s the difference to me if I’m robbed by Washington or Columbus? My money is just as gone and so is the country I love.

    I am SO DONE with you and Boehner. You can’t really hurt me much because I’m already rich. But what about the damage to my kids and grandkids? Shame on you for pretending all these years to be a wise conservative and now you reveal that you’re just another progressive, big government puke.

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