Dispatch: Gov. Kasich Joins Teachers for Event About Prescription Drug Abuse

Governor Kasich was in Adams County at West Union High School to promote H.B. 93 and the bipartisan effort to fight prescription drug abuse. The Columbus Dispatch has more below about the event and the reaction from local teachers:

WEST UNION, Ohio – On paper, it shaped up to be a lion’s den moment for Gov. John Kasich.

The governor spoke at West Union High School in southern Ohio yesterday, where many of the school’s 40 teachers are, like most public educators in the state, concerned about, leery of or opposed to Senate Bill 5 and other plans that Kasich has for public education.

The Republican governor is usually greeted by at least a few protesters at most of his public-speaking engagements. But when he was introduced in the West Union gymnasium, nary a catcall was heard nor an anti-Senate Bill5 poster found.

Instead, the governor was welcomed with thunderous applause and a standing ovation from most of the school’s students, and with polite applause from school administrators, community business professionals, and, yes, teachers.

Kasich was there to speak about prescription-drug abuse – which teachers and administrators agree is a huge problem in Adams County that has affected many of the families of children who attend West Union.


Mandy Lynch, an eighth-grade science teacher (the West Union High building includes grades 7 through 12), acknowledged that Senate Bill 5 is “really a hot issue down here,” but she said Kasich’s message on drug awareness was too important.

“I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me, today was about something entirely different,” Lynch said. “It doesn’t seem like the appropriate time to bring up Senate Bill 5.”

Joe Kramer, a business-finance teacher of 25 years, added: “This school belongs to the kids and the community. I’m not going to bring out my personal political beliefs in such a building.”

More than 10 other teachers approached by The Dispatch declined to comment, some citing fear of retribution for negative remarks. The district is in contract negotiations with its teachers union.

You can read the entire article here.

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  1. Liza June 1, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    i am not happy with the the bill, but then again i am. i feel the people that do need medication for their pain should be able to get it. If you take it away from the people who DO NOT abuse the medication then they are out going to be in the pain. they will also be targets of the drug addicts to be robbed or murdered. because of bill. i think you should go after the people that do abuse or sell their pills or go to other steates make that harder on them.

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