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Editorial: Gov. Kasich’s Budget Proposal Aims to Continue Ohio’s Comeback

Following a policy-packed State of the State Address, Gov. John Kasich recently released his administration’s budget proposal and this Dispatch editorial highlights how it aims to cut taxes to foster job creation and help Ohioans find career paths by strengthening connections between colleges & technical schools with job opportunities that exist here in our state: […]

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Gov. Kasich Calls for Balanced Budget Amendment

Governor Kasich recently asked the Ohio Legislature to pass a resolution calling for a federal constitutional convention that would approve a balanced budget amendment. Here’s a short video message: We’ve also created a petition for people to sign, standing with Governor Kasich on this issue. Please take a moment to sign it and help us spread […]

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Dispatch: Gov. Kasich's Budget Offers Help for the Mentally Ill & Those with Addiction Problems

Dispatch: Gov. Kasich’s Budget Offers Help for the Mentally Ill & Those with Addiction Problems

Governor Kasich’s recent budget proposal includes plans to make sure that Ohioans who are mentally ill or have addiction problems will get more help. The Dispatch has more below: After struggling through years of cuts, mental-health advocates say that Gov. John Kasich’s budget would expand treatment, housing and other services for the mentally ill and […]

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Jobs Budget 2.0 - What They're Saying

Jobs Budget 2.0 – What They’re Saying

What are some Ohioans saying about Governor Kasich’s proposed Jobs Budget 2.0? Richard K. Vedder, Professor of Economics at Ohio University and Former Senior Economist at the U.S. Joint Economic Committee: “Governor Kasich’s tax proposals are welcome, because they address Ohio’s biggest long term problem, sluggish growth in job opportunities and incomes. Despite some meaningful […]

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