Advocate: Superintendents Voice Support for Gov. Kasich’s ‘Achievement Everywhere’ Plan


Governor Kasich’s Achievement Everywhere plan is seeing support from school superintendents around the state. The Newark Advocate has more below:

Leaders of at least some of Ohio’s financially struggling school districts are rallying behind Gov. John Kasich’s funding plan, which has drawn critics who say it doesn’t do enough for poor districts.

A half dozen superintendents from around the state told reporters Friday how their districts would benefit from the Republican governor’s approach. They like funding in the plan that’s targeted for the poorest students and for special-needs students, such as those with disabilities or those learning English as their second language.

“We feel the formula is fair, and there is a rhyme and reason for why it is what it is,” said John Scheu, superintendent of Sidney City Schools in western Ohio.

“We’re very supportive of the plan,” said Ron Sexton, superintendent of Wilmington City Schools, in a southwest Ohio, a community hit hard during the recession by the loss of thousands of jobs when DHL Express ended delivery operations at its air park. Sexton said property values plummeted as unemployment jumped, eroding the schools’ tax base. Wilmington’s state funding would rise by 20 percent in estimates for Kasich’s proposal, which Sexton said would be a major help.

Kasich this week repeated in his State of the State message that his proposal is student-focused and will help close the state’s long-standing funding inequities while adding $1.2 billion for schools during the next two years. He also proposes a $300 million fund to reward districts with grants for innovation and efficiency.

You can read the entire article here.

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