AP: Major Jobs Announcement – Amazon Creating 1,000 Ohio Jobs

Ohio got some big news recently as Amazon announced the creation of over 1,000 new jobs. The AP has more:

Amazon has selected Ohio as a major Midwest hub for its cloud computing operations, a decision the governor hailed Friday as a victory for the high-tech future of a state whose legacy was built on heavy manufacturing.

“This is really an intellectual triumph in a lot of ways,” Republican Gov. John Kasich said during an announcement event. “This is something that will send a message to our young people that, you want to think, you want to live in the future, you want to understand technology, you stay right here in Ohio.”


JobsOhio CEO John Minor said Amazon Web Services is a major player in data analytics and cloud computing that was targeted by JobsOhio. He said it will quickly become an integral part of Ohio’s digital infrastructure.

“It really makes it easier to start and build technology businesses here in Ohio,” Minor said.

Kasich said the deal proves the mettle of JobsOhio, which has been criticized for its lack of transparency. The governor said creating an entity to move “at the speed of business” using job-creation experts is paying off.

Read the entire article here.

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