ENDORSED: The Call & Post Endorses Gov. John Kasich for Re-Election

Below is an excerpt from an endorsement editorial by the Call & Post: “We endorse John R. Kasich for governor”

Over the last four years, we have watched as this governor time and again stand up for Black people. We have seen with our own eyes how he has championed the poor and underserved.

Black folks in Northeastern Ohio haven’t seen this type of political altruism from a republican governor since George Voinovich, and that’s saying a lot. His assertions that God has called him to do this job would normally draw a side-eye from us. We’ve heard this too many times from politicians who use religion primarily as a campaign platform. Four years ago, we would have told this governor to keep it moving but, today, John R. Kasich is getting our endorsement for the governor of Ohio.

Read the full editorial here.

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