ENDORSED: The Cleveland Plain Dealer Endorses Gov. John Kasich

The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed Gov. John Kasich’s re-election, citing his kept promises to make decisions that are best for Ohioans and laying the groundwork for job creation. Here are some excerpts:

But also as a matter of political reality, Republican Kasich deserves that re-election. He has proven himself a good governor – and an excellent fiscal manager of Ohioans’ money.

His vision on issues critical to Cleveland, from the Cleveland schools plan to making the city’s Opportunity Corridor a reality to protecting Lake Erie, has been transformative for Northeast Ohio.

Kasich deserves that re-election, for his vision and his efforts to be a governor of all the people, from Steubenville, to Lima, to Medina and Cleveland.

Kasich doesn’t hesitate to preen over improved employment numbers, including restoring the bulk of the 350,000 jobs lost during predecessor Ted Strickland’s administration – and rightfully so.

You can read the entire editorial here.

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