ENDORSED: Crain’s Cleveland Business Endorses Gov. John Kasich

Below are some excerpts from the Crain’s Cleveland Business endorsement of Gov. John Kasich for re-election:

In 2010, we endorsed Republican John Kasich for governor and stressed the importance of balancing the state’s budget. It’s that simple, we said then. Kasich would be better at balancing the budget than incumbent Gov. Ted Strickland.

Kasich beat Strickland by 2 percentage points that November. His reward? He inherited a state in bad fiscal shape. Ohio was on the ropes from the nation’s economic collapse that began in 2007. The state had lost 350,000 jobs. Unemployment was above 10%. And the budget? It was saddled with an $8 billion deficit.

Fast forward four years, and Kasich has tallied an impressive list of accomplishments, chief among them moving the state’s budget from red to black and still managing to create a $1.5 billion rainy-day fund. Under Kasich’s guidance, more than 245,000 jobs have been created in Ohio. Unemployment is at 5.7%. Tax breaks for citizens and businesses have totaled about $3 billion. And the state’s business climate has been improved, with a retooled economic development effort in JobsOhio.

John Kasich has earned a second term as governor of Ohio. He is a sound fiscal officer focused on balancing the budget and creating jobs for Ohioans. He deserves to be re-elected.

You can read the entire editorial here.

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