ENDORSED: The Lima News Endorses Gov. John Kasich for Re-Election

Citing Ohio’s ongoing comeback as evidence that Gov. John Kasich’s pro-jobs agenda is working, the Lima News endorsed the Governor for re-election this year. Here’s an excerpt:

Today, he confidently can ask voters if the Buckeye State is in better shape than it was back then. The answer is a resounding “yes” and reason why the 62-year-old Kasich deserves a second term as governor.

The numbers speak loudly:

• Job loss was at 350,000 during the previous Democratic administration of Ted Strickland. Under Kasich, more than 245,000 jobs have been created.

• Unemployment stood at 10 percent when Kasich took office. Today it is down to 5.7 percent.

• The state faced an $8 billion budget shortfall in 2010. Ohio now has a balanced budget with a $1.5 billion rainy-day fund.


But he came at the job with the same energy and devil-may-care attitude that he possessed as a congressman when he wrote the country’s first balanced federal budget in 30 years. He lowered the state income tax and still got rid of an $8 billion shortfall. He launched a $3 billion investment in infrastructure that will generate 65,000 construction jobs. And when necessary, he bucked the party line, such as his successful push to expand Medicaid.

Clearly, John Kasich marches to his own drummer. Despite a few missed notes here and there, it’s been a good tune for Ohioans the past four years.

You can read the entire editorial here.

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