Gov. John Kasich & Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor Take Oaths of Office

On Monday, Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor took their oaths to begin their second terms. At a Columbus ceremony, Gov. Kasich encouraged Ohioans to strive to work together and help those in need.

From the Plain Dealer:

“In an address that ran nearly an hour, the governor noted improvements to the state — a balanced budget, restored rainy day fund and an economy in which the jobless rate has declined and new jobs have been added.

“Let’s not get comfortable. We can’t start thinking we’ve done enough,” Kasich said. “Thinking we can ease up and slow it down, that’s a deception.”

And new efforts, he said, will require that people set aside their differences and work together.

“Are we able to think about the common good? Are we able to think about what’s best for all?” he asked.”

From the Dispatch:

“But in his speech — interrupted a dozen times by applause — Kasich said state government is there to help, and he implored Ohioans to reach out to assist both neighbors and strangers.

“You can help those who cannot help themselves, and, in some cases, it can be a temporary way station. And do not be bitter at people who need temporary help. Do not be that way. . . . I will continue to make sure we are able to catch each other if we fail and help those who struggle live with dignity and grace deserving (of) a child of God,” Kasich said.

The governor said problems confronting Ohioans “can only be solved if you turn on a light in someone else’s life. . . . It’s a path I choose to try to walk every day. And it is the path I will chart for the next four years as governor of Ohio.”



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