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Video: State Cuts Income Tax, Workers See Bigger Paychecks

On September 1st, income tax relief included in the recently passed state budget went into effect. Thanks to the net tax cut of $2.7 billion, Ohio workers should see their paychecks grow. Ohio’s improving economy, coupled with a more efficient state government, gave Governor Kasich and state legislators the opportunity to provide much needed tax […]

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Daily Caller: Gov. Kasich’s Tax Cuts & Reforms are a Model for Other States to Follow

Governor Kasich’s Jobs Budget 2.0 is getting national attention and many are citing his efforts to cut taxes for Ohioans by $1.4 billion as a model for other states to follow. The Daily Caller has more below: Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican, recently proposed taxing 81 services that are currently exempt from Ohio’s sales tax and […]

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Column: The Jobs Budget 2.0 was Crafted to Offer Reforms that are Good for Ohio

In this guest column from the Plain Dealer, the author explains why Gov. Kasich’s proposed Jobs Budget 2.0 is both thoughtful and substantive. The goal is clearly to continue Ohio’s momentum, create jobs and offers reforms that are beneficial for Ohioans: Any legislation encompassing taxes and spending of more than $60 billion is bound to […]

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