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Dispatch: Gov. Kasich’s Budget Offers Help for the Mentally Ill & Those with Addiction Problems

Governor Kasich’s recent budget proposal includes plans to make sure that Ohioans who are mentally ill or have addiction problems will get more help. The Dispatch has more below: After struggling through years of cuts, mental-health advocates say that Gov. John Kasich’s budget would expand treatment, housing and other services for the mentally ill and […]

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Column: The Jobs Budget 2.0 was Crafted to Offer Reforms that are Good for Ohio

In this guest column from the Plain Dealer, the author explains why Gov. Kasich’s proposed Jobs Budget 2.0 is both thoughtful and substantive. The goal is clearly to continue Ohio’s momentum, create jobs and offers reforms that are beneficial for Ohioans: Any legislation encompassing taxes and spending of more than $60 billion is bound to […]

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Business First: Ohio’s Medicaid Reforms – Learn More

Governor Kasich has been very vocal about his opposition to Obamacare and after repeatedly saying NO to state0run exchange and other limits on Ohio’s freedom, the expansion of Medicaid coverage will benefit Ohio. Business First has more below: Gov. John Kasich recommended that Ohio lawmakers expand Medicaid eligibility to the working poor and jobless in […]

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