WKSU: Ohio’s New Broadband Network Will Fuel Growing Medical/Research Sectors

Ohio recently became the first state to launch a 100 gigabyte data network at the statewide level and it should serve as a very powerful tool for our expanding research and medical industries. Read more from WKSU News below:

There wasn’t much fanfare inside the offices of Ohio Academic Resources Network, or OARNet. In fact, it looked like a generic meeting was going on – Gov. John Kasich standing before a group of administration officials, technicians and reporters, facing a monitor that showed a room full of equipment and wires.

“Light the network, Paul.”

The governor gives the order to a technician in that room to connect some wires and unite the state’s academic institutions on a network that’s 10 times faster than it was a few seconds before.

“Governor, the network is operational.”

With that, Ohio became the first state to launch a 100 gigabyte network statewide. And then, projected on the wall between the governor and the monitor – nine video links pop up simultaneously from universities all across the state.

“Why don’t we hear from Portsmouth first? Southern Ohio, we’re thrilled to have you involved.”

“And Governor, we’re thrilled to be part of this process….”

The governor made his way around the grid of video links, talking to the two people in each of the nine cities – from Cleveland to Athens to Dayton to Akron. One in each city was a university professor, and the other a business owner or an academic with business expertise, to highlight how the state hopes this new 100 gigabytes per second network will be used. The universities say the network helps bring researchers together and could get intellectual property developed in them out into the economy. Frank Calzonetti is with the University of Toledo.

“We see that this enhanced capability will allow us to increase our research and educational collaboration with other universities throughout Ohio and throughout the world, and increase our ability to interact with business as well.”

You can read the entire article here.

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