Dispatch: Workforce Board Discusses How to Connect Education to Job Opportunities

As Ohio continues laying the groundwork for businesses to come here and create jobs, the state looks to do more to connect colleges and technical programs with the job opportunities that are available. The Dispatch has more below about what’s being done:

Gov. John Kasich wants Ohio workers trained for jobs that businesses are looking to fill.

With dozens of training programs and plenty of opportunities in health care, energy and other fields, it should be easy.

But it’s not, Kasich says.

Not yet, anyway.

“We have job openings, but yet we don’t have people to fill them,” the Republican governor told business leaders and lawmakers who convened yesterday for the first meeting of the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board.

Kasich appointed the 25-member panel to coordinate with Ohio businesses to identify future work-force needs and streamline the 90-plus government-funded work-training programs spread across 12 state agencies. He wants the state’s colleges and universities to craft their programs, too.

But the governor said he needs more cooperation from business. The administration has been encouraging companies to provide forecasts of future jobs with little success.

“We’ve asked the energy companies to give us their list. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked them. We’ve had a few dribble out, but not all we want.”

Kasich said there seems to be distrust of the state’s motives, and he urged the panel members to do what they could to encourage corporate cooperation.

“We’ve got to convince businesses from Ohio that it’s safe to tell us what they need. Once we know what they need, then we can begin to fashion this curriculum and training programs to meet those goals, but it has been extremely frustrating.”

You can read the entire story here.

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